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Just a test.  Only a test.

There are ways to create a home that your family will always be happy to come home to. 


Our Story

When you have been married for almost sixty years, you learn a few things about many things. Building a home together is primary. In today's world there are those who feel having a career is primary. We are glad we opted for having a family early on in our marriage. It is a whole lot easier tending to wee ones when you are in your 20's--mostly because you still have the energy to handle sleepless nights of child rearing. As our family grew to four children in seven plus years  we began to reap the benefits of a large family.  Lots more animation around the kitchen table made for wonderful evening meals as the stories of the day were told to each and every one. 

This family began at the foot of the altar in St. Joseph's Church in downtown San Jose, Ca. when we recited vows to love and cherish each other till death parted us.It was a time when marriage was believed to be between one man and one woman. The year was 1952.
Fall was just around the corner and so was another year at San Jose State College. Consequently the honeymoon was a short trip to the Sierras.

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